3 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Accra

Jul 22, 2021

Ghana is a land of incredible natural beauty. The terrain is breathtaking, the coastal resorts are idyllic, and the white-sand beaches are inviting. In addition to natural attractions, however, Ghana is a vibrant and modern destination with tons to see and do. So if you're looking for an adventure, the beaches of Ghana are perfect, as are visits to the bustling capital of Accra, the skyscrapers and galleries of the bustling city of Kumasi, and the landscapes of the great national parks and wildlife reserves.

There are many ways to get to Ghana from Europe or North America, and once there it's easy to understand why Ghana is Africa's most popular tourist destination. And now that you've had time to catch up on all your travel planning, make sure to read our list of the top attractions in Accra, Ghana.

Akosombo Dam

Photo of St. Barbara Catholic Church
St. Barbara Catholic Church: en.wikipedia.org

The Akosombo Dam in Ghana, built by the French, is the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa and has generated over 40% of Ghana's power since 1974. The entire length of the dam is almost 1500 meters and holds back a lake that covers 21 square kilometers. Water is held back by two giant floodgates and flows out through seven power plants. The generators supply the majority of the power to the country's grid and the water is used for both drinking and irrigation. Many of the jobs in Accra are performed by foreign workers, most of whom are the descendants of people from surrounding countries who were resettled during the 1970s. The airport of Accra is 15 km from the dam.


Ghana has long been one of the most stable and prosperous countries in West Africa, known for its impressive economic growth and tourism industry. The capital, Accra, is the largest city in West Africa, and is known as a pleasant town with beaches and beautiful coastal views. The city was formed in 1723 on a peninsula which juts into the Atlantic Ocean. It became the capital in 1834 after the British made Ghana a protectorate. The old colonial buildings are now contained in a newly built fort, which itself is a national monument. One of the most popular activities in Accra is the famous Ghana Independence Square, which is also one of the largest squares in Africa.

Accra Botanic Gardens

Photo of Legon Botanical Garden
Legon Botanical Garden: en.wikipedia.org

This tiny city in the nation of Ghana, Africa's second largest after Lagos, offers an introduction to the botanic gardens that lie just beyond the center of town. Accra Botanic Gardens is a jungle oasis of long, sweeping paths, massive ficus and frangipani trees, banyan trees and many exotic species of trees and flowering plants. Like most cities in West Africa, Accra has grown rapidly in recent decades, with a population in excess of 1.6 million. Despite its size, it retains a pleasant feel with its low-key and unassuming tempo. If you're looking for a longer excursion, the north-coast beach resort of Accra is a good place to catch a local ferry across to Gorom-Gorom island, part of the Volta Island National Park.