4 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Barbados

Jul 22, 2021

Barbados is one of the top island destinations in the Caribbean, a nation that has taken great pride in the preservation of its natural environment. Almost any land-based activity will get you off the beaten track, but if you're more interested in beaches, shopping, and nightlife, these are some of the best places to travel in Barbados.

From scenic cliffs to glistening tropical beaches, Barbados has a beauty all its own. From the historic capital city of Bridgetown, with its charming wooden buildings and crumbling forts, to its sparkling blue waters and hidden reefs, Barbados' natural beauty and island lifestyle offer some of the best outdoor adventure.

Although there are no major sights to visit, there's much to do in Barbados if you plan ahead. In Bridgetown, you'll find museums and art galleries, archaeological sites, and public parks. Many towns have colorful markets selling arts, crafts, and clothing. And a new list of attractions has been added since our last edition, so check out the new additions.

For a more active trip, you can go fishing or snorkeling in its pristine waters. There are also plenty of places to hike, ride horses, or rent bikes, and beaches provide a playground for water sports like surfing and diving.

Whether you want to get away from it all or find the best places to visit in Barbados, our list of the top attractions in Barbados can help you plan your trip.


Photo of Bridgetown
Bridgetown: en.wikipedia.org

The capital of Barbados was founded in 1657 by the Dutch West India Company, who were the first Europeans to settle the island. Bridgetown still retains its Colonial charm despite the large number of tourist resorts that have sprung up around its harbor. The Bridgetown Historic and Cultural Area is a good place to start and consists of more than three dozen historic buildings and public squares including the Fort, St. Michael's Church and the Clifton Point Promenade. The main attraction in Bridgetown is its colorful and fascinating street life, which gives a small-town flavor to the city. You can easily spend an entire day wandering the streets and sampling the array of colorful clothing, food, and drink for which the island is famous. You can hire a car or bike in Bridgetown and head out to the surrounding areas to visit historic sights like Mayaro and Harrison, or to experience some of the natural beauty of the island.


Photo of Bathsheba, Barbados
Bathsheba, Barbados: en.wikipedia.org

In a nation whose capital is named after its 18th-century slave revolution, this sleepy little island is the Barbados' antidote. Everyone in the tiny island town of Bathsheba knows each other, and one's existence is never a secret. However, the big town, called Bathsheba, is for the people who want more. Bathsheba has a very historic feel, with a number of buildings that tell its history. A visit to Bathsheba includes taking the 80-minute journey by boat from the capital, Bridgetown. The boat journey is enjoyable as it covers the entire length of the island, to find the less populated parts, which also include a section of northern shore, with its wildlife, which is not accessible on the boats, and the southern interior, the green part, where you can visit the King's Cave. Bathsheba, like Bridgetown, is a city of houses, many which are from the 19th century. The beach is also known as Cox's Bunder, after one of the notorious, and unapologetic, pirates who once terrorized the Caribbean and ended up here in jail. Today, the relaxed resort town is perfect for relaxing. There are some excellent tours of the island. Most tours include an English-speaking guide who leads the group in the fun of seeing Barbados. Hiking is popular on the island and a good way to see the island's terrain, so you can ride a mountain bike around. There are a number of restaurants and shops that make a visit here worthwhile.

St. Lawrence Gap

Photo of Saint Lawrence Gap
Saint Lawrence Gap: en.wikipedia.org

The traffic between St. Lawrence Gap and the capital city Bridgetown is notoriously bad due to the sheer number of local motorists driving their old rattletrap vans. St. Lawrence Gap and nearby Sandy Bay are the most scenic and undeveloped parts of the island. If you want to get away from it all, then look no further than these pretty villages which lie far from the bustle of the capital. The best thing to do in St. Lawrence Gap is just to take a walk or drive around the area. There is a small beach at Back Cove where you can go for a swim and enjoy some peace and quiet. Also nearby is Santa Lucia Parish Church, which dates back to 1688. One of the most interesting features is the great lighthouse, constructed in 1860 to be in keeping with the traditional wooden dwellings around the settlement. The best thing to do in Sandy Bay is to travel up to Bull Bay, where you will find lots of fine beach stretches and attractive bay views. You can drive up to this destination and enjoy beautiful views of the ocean and cliffs as well as a scenic drive. For all of the exciting things you can do in Barbados, head over to Explore Barbados for information.


Photo of Holetown
Holetown: en.wikipedia.org

Couples celebrate their good fortune in Barbados, known for its crystal-clear waters and all-inclusive resorts. Tucked away on the island of Barbados, east of the neighboring island of Antigua, are dozens of beaches lined with luxurious hotels. But when couples choose to vacation here, they know they're choosing the ideal destination for a destination wedding. Among the best wedding locations in Barbados are The Pointe, on the island of St. Lawrence, and the Coronet, an all-inclusive resort that's also the only private island in the Caribbean. Hotels also exist at such settings as Hillcrest Farm, which was originally built in 1856. Today, many honeymooners choose this 14-acre Caribbean property for its gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean and the verdant farmland on which it sits. The island of Nevis, north of St. Lucia, has a number of traditional beach resorts where wedding parties can get their breath back and begin planning the wedding, as well as a brand-new lagoon-side hotel whose pristine sand is just right for a ceremony.