7 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Ha Long

Jul 22, 2021

Many people choose to vacation at some of the world's most beautiful destinations, but this will not be a case for most people. While this is true for most people, there is no place on earth that takes your breath away more than Ha Long Bay and the Bay of Quang Ninh, and if you travel to Ha Long Bay, you'll feel like you're stepping onto a little piece of paradise.

Ha Long Bay has been a popular destination for over 100 years, and today still serves as one of the most breathtaking and pristine marine parks in the world. During the last several years, Ha Long has drawn many travelers, and no wonder -- from its stunning scenery to its charming towns and pristine beaches, from its colorful marine life to its mouth-watering food, there is truly something for everyone here.

Do you have a favorite tourist attraction in Ha Long? What are your tips for enjoying this beautiful place?

If you are looking for a short and inexpensive getaway, you can find one near Ha Long Bay by exploring the towns of Ha Giang, Quang Binh, and Quang Tri.

Visiting Ha Long Bay is a great way to experience rural Vietnam, and a once in a lifetime trip that will make you feel like you've been transported to a tropical paradise.

Book a trip to Ha Long Bay with this travel itinerary to experience the most beautiful sightseeing spots near Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay

Photo of Hạ Long Bay
Hạ Long Bay: en.wikipedia.org

Ha Long Bay is best known for Ha Long City, home to a UNESCO World Heritage-listed natural harbor, Ha Long Bay. Ha Long City is full of thousands of limestone karsts. It is located 50 kilometers from the provincial capital of Ha Noi. Highlights of a visit to Ha Long City include long walking paths along the karst cliffs and visiting fishing villages such as Ba Be. Tourists can visit as a day trip from Ha Noi by boat. Ferries also run from Ha Long City to My Son (Mui Ne) and Mui Ne town, which is known as a golfing and diving destination.

Ho Chi Minh City

Photo of Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City: en.wikipedia.org

Bay, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, called Saigon in English, is Vietnam's largest metropolis. It is home to the country's airports, central business district, tourism hub, entertainment venues, and many government and military installations. It is also home to one of the most famous pagodas in the world, the vast stupa-topped My Son Temple, plus several pagodas and ancient temples such as the Reunification Palace and Ben Thanh Market. To get to Ho Chi Minh City from Hanoi, you can choose between three options: drive all the way through, go via Nha Trang or Ha Long Bay. Once you arrive in Saigon, prepare for colorful mayhem. Vietnam is famous for its shopkeepers' raucous bargaining and if you're a westerner this is quite a sight to behold. Bizarre for an Asian country, what is known as 'African mammy hats' are a must for the girls and international companies have set up factories to produce the goods. This competition for tourists means there are some cheaper shops, but there are also some good-value shops and small boutiques. Just don't get fobbed off with anything for a few dollars. Bargain!

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Mui Ne

Photo of Phan Thiết
Phan Thiết: en.wikipedia.org

Mui Ne is a one-hour drive from Hanoi, an easy drive into the beach resort area of Dong Van. While you'll want to spend much of your time at the beach, there are many activities to enjoy as well. On the island of Ha Long Bay are a series of huge limestone caves with hundreds of tiered jagged columns, each named after a famous emperor of China, with the smaller versions of the caves (Yao is just one) made up of smaller rocky outcroppings that can be explored on their own.

Dragon Bridge

Photo of Hạ Long
Hạ Long: en.wikipedia.org

Luxuriate in the ancient charms of Dragon Bridge, Ha Long Bay. A testament to man's engineering ingenuity, Dragon Bridge is an iron-netted, wooden-beam suspension bridge crossing the slender coastal waters of Ha Long Bay. Known for its dizzying top, it is one of the most spectacular sights in all Vietnam. While Dragon Bridge spans the sea, you can hike to Tiger Beach, the topmost vantage point that is perfect for observing the astounding tides and ship movement that occur from May to September. Hikers and trekkers also have the option of climbing to Panoramic View Point.

Sa Pa

The Indochina region is perhaps best known for Vietnam, Thailand and Laos, which are all famed for their striking scenery and fun-filled floating markets. But it's much less well known that Vietnam has another highlight. The beautiful waters of Halong Bay boast a number of unspoilt beaches and islets, including the islet paradise of the underwater limestone karsts, where a number of great diving, snorkeling, and floating villages await discovery. There are nearly a dozen kayaking options along the coast. In addition, the nearby island of Phu Quoc is only 20 minutes by boat from the bay. It features beautiful beaches and stunning scenery and is best known as a haunt for offshore boat tours.


Photo of Da Nang
Da Nang: en.wikipedia.org

City, Vietnam Ha Long City was known for centuries as Thien Duong, or "the five hundred islands," as the shallow, forested coast between the ocean and the Lao border provided a refuge for pirates and bandit gangs who enjoyed the rich hunting grounds and ease of supply brought on by its position on the open sea. By the 18th century, however, it had been transformed into a major port. Today, with the destruction of the nearby Ninh Binh and Lam Dong Provinces and a shift of trade from the South China Sea to the East China Sea, the city is once again becoming an important seaport, but today, it is more of a resort town than the bustling port it once was. Danang offers a number of excellent and affordable hotels, excellent and affordable restaurants, and a good selection of cheap tour and travel agencies that can arrange Mekong and Halong cruises, trips to the nearby imperial city of Hue, and other tours of the central and northern regions of the country. Danang has an airport, and flights from most major destinations in the country arrive here. Vietnam Airlines and VietJet Air are the two principal airlines servicing the city.

Sam Son Beach

Photo of Sầm Sơn
Sầm Sơn: en.wikipedia.org

Sam Son Beach is located in Ha Long Bay, where the Mekong and the Gulf of Tonkin meet. Visitors can enjoy the area's beautiful sunsets, as well as participate in various activities, including diving, fishing, swimming, kite surfing, and snorkeling. As well as being a very popular spot for tourists, Sam Son Beach has become a popular location for production of films, in particular the Oscar-winning, 2006 Bao stable, The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness. Sam Son Beach is reachable by hydrofoil and also by road, and is thus easily accessible. A new bridge connecting it to Long Hai Island (Nha Hat Island) in Ha Long Bay means visitors can travel between the two via a different route.