3 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Kansas

Jul 22, 2021

Welcome to Kansas, the heart of America. Be sure to visit the annual autumn Indian Powwow, or visit any one of the state's more than 500 museums and historical sites, like the birthplace of one of the world's most successful business men, Henry Ford.

In addition to preserving artifacts from the state's past, museums in Kansas will show you the region's growth from the days of the Native Americans to the present. And, of course, a visit to the state is not complete without a stroll around the huge Wichita city, home of the country's largest concentration of bars and clubs.

Kansas is a very inviting state, with many distinctive towns and attractions waiting to be discovered. Check out our guide of the top things to do in Kansas to help you plan your trip, and don't miss the classic American pastime of finding your own Kansas city!

Kansas State Capitol

Photo of Kansas State Capitol
Kansas State Capitol: en.wikipedia.org

The Kansas State Capitol (a.k.a. the Topeka Capitol) is a stately and imposing example of the Beaux-Arts style of architecture that infuses the state's public buildings. It's one of the finest such structures in the Midwestern United States. The main edifice of the state government, which dates to 1911 and took 12 years to build, is a 12-story granite-clad structure that rises 50 meters from a base to a height of 78 meters. It has an exterior diameter of 155 meters and has twice that in interior area. It also has indoor plazas and arcades that were modeled after the Roman Temple of Jupiter, and two marble stairways that date to the construction. The facility is used to put on exhibitions and other events, but can be reserved for special functions. Regular public hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and tours can be scheduled. The state legislature is in session from January to May and sessions are in session on alternate Fridays.

Kansas Speedway

Photo of Kansas City, Kansas
Kansas City, Kansas: en.wikipedia.org

There's an eerily peaceful calm and quiet to the Topeka K-D-A (the area has produced many of the U.S. capital's most famous jazz musicians) that belies the history of the city. During the mid-19th century, the city was the major hub of the U.S. Western railway. Today, the southwest Kansas city of Topeka offers a busy cultural landscape with its fair share of restaurants and hotels, museums, theater, arts, and music. The central location is a great place for students of history and culture to visit as the historic homes, museums, and galleries in and around the historic downtown will delight.

Conservation Park

Photo of Crawford State Park (Kansas)
Crawford State Park (Kansas): en.wikipedia.org

The vast prairies of eastern Kansas give way to rocky hills and trails near the small town of Eudora. Those who like to wander can take their pick of several scenic, relatively untraveled byways, many of which are public land. Conservation Park, accessible only by four-wheel drive, is probably the most popular area to visit in the park. It offers visitors a broad, rolling landscape of deep, grassy draws and tall grass that is home to native deer, bald eagles, and other wildlife. There are trails for hiking and horseback riding to explore the park. The park is managed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, and admission is free.