5 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Pattaya

Jul 22, 2021

Pattaya has a nickname, "the most westernized city in Thailand." It has shopping centers and hotels fit for a shopping trip to Las Vegas, but it also has a mix of typical Thai nightlife and cafes. In a country that is otherwise insular and less Westernized, Pattaya offers a glimpse of what Thailand has to offer in terms of popular Western entertainment and attractions.

In addition to a mixture of nightlife and Western sights, Pattaya has a beach where you can relax or enjoy a day of shopping. It also boasts the most beautiful bays in Thailand and a coral reef just offshore.

Regardless of which district you choose to visit, Pattaya will certainly make you feel right at home. You can find information about places to visit, top attractions, what to do and eat in Pattaya with our list of the top attractions in Pattaya.

Wat Arun

Photo of Mini Siam
Mini Siam: en.wikipedia.org

Located at the peak of central Pattaya, Wat Arun, or Temple of Dawn, is a huge Buddhist temple that can be approached from two sides. The most popular is that from the north, which lies in the Koh Seui basin and is flanked by the ruins of Wat Chang Lom, while a very different view of the eastern approach (where visitors climb up three flights of stairs to reach the temple) is from the top of the monument, from where you have magnificent views of the city. Lacking in tourist facilities, the temple is also a nice place to wander around and the white chuppara (cliffs) towering over the area provide a pleasant backdrop for photos. Nearby are the remains of Wat Chang Lom and a number of other temples.

Khao San Road

Photo of State Railway of Thailand
State Railway of Thailand: en.wikipedia.org

Considered to be one of the world's most famous "streets," Khao San Road stretches 16 miles from the banks of the Mae Nam Chao Phraya river to the grand temple of Wat Pho. Surrounded by backpacker accommodations of all types and nationalities, the main attractions are the street itself, a packed mass of cheap restaurants, bars, T-shirt shops, travel agencies, and late-night grocers selling noodle and dried-snake dishes. Its main drag is lined with tourist-friendly shops selling tourist tat such as T-shirts and souvenir Buddha heads. Understand: Patong

Khao Yai National Park and waterfalls

Photo of Chanthaburi Province
Chanthaburi Province: en.wikipedia.org

The famous Thai Waterfalls are located along the banks of the river, Nan River (Sao Nan) in Khao Yai National Park in the Buriram province of Thailand. The lush tropical rainforests, massive waterfalls, and exquisite water-lily-filled canals were once part of the River Kwai, a UNESCO world heritage site. Other exciting activities are canoeing and hiking through the jungle and visiting waterfalls. Hiking trails are used by mountain bikers, joggers, bird-watchers, and nature lovers. Trails are highlighted in English and Thai, with maps provided. Popular hikes include the 'Elephant Trail' and the 'Bamboo trail'.

Chao Phraya River

Photo of The River (skyscraper)
The River (skyscraper): en.wikipedia.org

This placid, beautiful river offers an amazing variety of boats of all sizes and colors. From tiny wooden vessels that zip along the middle of the river to the massive, mysterious junk boats on the outskirts of town, to huge, flat, water-towing barges, you can easily spend several hours watching the Thai live and breathe. At night, after the bustling day market closes, the boats become even more magical. This is one of the most memorable parts of a visit to Bangkok and more so if you're Thai. Other popular activities in Bangkok include taking a taxi tour to the city's many sights, eating at a famous street food stall, and hopping on a longtail boat for a ride along the canals in and around the city.

Wat Rong Khun

Photo of Sanctuary of Truth
Sanctuary of Truth: en.wikipedia.org

A dramatic cave temple in Thailand's Bang Saphan Township of the province of Chonburi. The cave is located in a forest and is actually three caves combined into one. The first two caves were discovered in 1991, when an earthquake-driven flood of water cut off a lot of water and then caused a cave-in and a 40m tall chute that led down to the entrance. The site was then cleared and a secret stairway was created that eventually led to the third, uppermost cave. This was built on top of an ancient burial chamber, the terracotta-made chamber, which dates back to the 13th century. The monks of Wat Rong Khun create musical instruments from stones found in the caves. They also have the largest saffron cultivated in Thailand.