4 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Zhuhai

Jul 22, 2021

Zhuhai is a flourishing city at the center of the Pearl River Delta region in southern China. After landing at Shenzhen, an easy train ride away, you'll find that Zhuhai is also an easy day trip. Most people visit here to spend some time aboard one of the river cruises that leave from here, as well as to take a day trip to Zhuhai itself.

Zhuhai has its share of historical sites and buildings, so if you have some time to spare you can visit a handful of sights in the city. There's also no shortage of shopping, a foodie experience, and nightlife, and the coastal climate means you can enjoy outdoor activities year-round.

Plan your itinerary using our list of the best tourist attractions in Zhuhai.

Baiyun Temple

Photo of Zhuhai
Zhuhai: en.wikipedia.org

Baiyun Temple is the most beautiful Buddhist temple in the Guangdong province and part of the Guangdong Museum. With magnificent stone sculptures, the old temple has a historic style that is rare in Chinese Buddhist temples. Inside, the temple also has rare paintings and sculptures that are relatively valuable in China. Visit the temples which are in white marble and lush green landscape in Zhanghua which have serene feeling and spend a pleasant time.

Nanwan Island

Photo of Nanwan Reservoir
Nanwan Reservoir: en.wikipedia.org

Nanwan Island is in the East China Sea, 20 kilometers south of Zhuhai. Nanwan's beaches are sandy and the water is clear. There are a number of islands in the region and a number of world-class golf courses, of which Sun City Golf and Country Club is the largest. Beaches in the region are generally crowded, and there are no particularly good surfing spots. Nanwan Island has a small number of hotels, but very few restaurants.

Guangdong Museum of Art and History

Photo of Shantou
Shantou: en.wikipedia.org

Following a visit to the wonderful Guangdong Museum of Sculpture, located in the provincial capital Guangzhou, stop by the delightful Guangdong Museum of Art and History to see local artworks, crafts, and items excavated from a variety of archaeological sites, with an emphasis on southern China's history, culture, and art.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Photo of Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland: en.wikipedia.org

Hong Kong Disneyland, which combines Disney's ideas with the color and ideas of the local inhabitants, includes a recreation of Disneyland Park, a three-mile-long journey through the lush, green countryside of the New Territories, and seven new themed areas, each one themed after a famous place in the Chinese epic of the Journey to the West. Highlights include kung fu battles at a Shaolin temple and a section where visitors can try their hand at divining skills.